The city of Cedar Rapids' traffic cameras has been busy since they went active again in July of 2019. In the previous six months, over 120,000 citations have been issued. The city has also collected just over $3 million in fines for speeding or running a red light in that same time period.

The majority of those citations, 98% in fact, are moving violations. That is according to an analysis of monthly reports from July through December of 2019. More than 90% of the speeding tickets were issued on I-380. That is where four of the ten cameras in Cedar Rapids are located.

However, the number of citations has dropped every month so far. In July when the cameras were activated again, over 26,000 tickets were issued. In December of 2019 that total had dropped to just over 14,000 citations. Since the cameras have been turned back on the total number of crashes has varied, but the number of crashes with injuries has remained low.


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