Police officials say they are looking for up to six suspects in several recent home robberies. KCRG reports that there have been four such home invasions in the past week.

The incidents have happened in the 3300 block of Rosewood Ct NE, the 500 block of 15th street NE, the 1900 block of Higley Ave SE, and the 2400 block of 25th Street SW. The most recent break-in happened on Monday night. Police say that they think that the homes that have been robbed were targeted, but in some cases, the robbers went to the wrong home.

Police say they are looking for three to six individuals who have attempted to steal electronics, money and even weapons. In several cases, they reportedly displayed a gun. These break-ins have happened while residents were still at home, but no one has been injured during the incidents. Police do NOT believe the crimes are gang-related.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Cedar Rapids Police Department.

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