I had a remote at Randy's Flooring on Blairs Ferry on Saturday afternoon, and by the time I left at noon I was starving! A few of my coworkers had a remote just down the street at another business, so we decided to meet up at a nearby restaurant. We settled on a place that recently opened up at the Lindale Mall, that also has a location in Waterloo: Beck's Taproom.

First of all, I loved the look of the place. They have a patio that opens up right into the restaurant and some neat-looking lighting. They also have a wall of beer on tap, which looks really cool. From the second we walked in, the staff was very friendly. We had a wonderful waitress, which I always appreciate very much. Before we even got our food, I was already pleased with the restaurant.

Speaking of the food, though, let's get down to business! The first thing we ordered was the spinach artichoke dip, which I typically judge pretty harshly. There's a few places in the local area that have such good spinach artichoke dip that I have a hard time eating it anywhere else. I'm happy to say that the dip at Beck's is really, REALLY good. It was my favorite part of my meal, for sure.

One of my coworkers ordered the Jalapeno Bacon Corn Dip, which was delicious, and another one of my coworkers ordered wings, and was really happy with them.  As far as appetizers go, Beck's is awesome!

For my main course, I ordered the Buffalo chicken wrap with a side of fries and mac & cheese. I had no complaints! The fries were really crispy and good, which is important to me.

The rest of the table ordered some good-looking food, with one meal in particular that caught my eye. A friend of mine got the 'Death By Burger,' which was basically a burger with grilled cheese and bacon for buns. It looked fantastic and that's definitely what I'll be getting next time.

Overall, I had a great experience at Beck's and I will for sure be back to try it again!

November is coming up quick! I'm hoping to try to get to Bluff Lake and Zoey's in Marion before the end of the year, so stay tuned!

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