Another week, another movie! I chose a newer movie this week from my New Year's Resolution Movie List, but it's one that won a ton of awards!

This movie deserved every award that it won. Seriously.

When I heard about this movie a couple of years ago, I thought the concept was pretty dumb, to be honest. I said, "Really? A movie about floating around in space? How are they going to make that interesting?" I was dead wrong.

The acting in this movie, mainly by Sandra Bullock, was absolutely phenomenal. Some of the best acting I've ever seen. She is such a powerful actress, she had me bawling my eyes out. No joke. That scene where she was communicating with the man through the radio who didn't speak English? IT KILLED ME. It killed my soul. I really thought that was it. I thought it was over. I'm glad that it wasn't. It's a bummer that she didn't win Best Actress.

The visuals were absolutely stunning in this film. No wonder it won 7 Oscars. It looked great on my tiny screen, so I can only imagine what it looked like on the big screen. I wish I could've seen it in IMAX!

I will say that I was incredibly stressed out through the entire thing. The scenes where she was just floating around in the middle of nowhere were absolutely horrifying. And don't even get me started on the whole out of oxygen thing or the part with the fire. So scary! And just when you think she's safe, she almost drowns. Talk about bad luck...

Overall, I loved Gravity. I wasn't bored for even a second! This weekend I'll probably go back to an older flick, so leave your suggestions below!

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