I spent four hours watching 'The Voice' over the past couple of days, and I already have so many favorites!

I haven't really kept up with "The Voice" over the past few years, but I'm making up for it this year by watching it consistently. I was mainly interested to see how Miley and Alicia would do as judges, and I can already tell you that I absolutely LOVE THEM. For everyone saying, "why would they choose MILEY as a judge? She can't sing and has NO TALENT," please watch this video, and then maybe you'll understand why she was picked:

She may have an outrageous personality and interesting fashion choices, but she is a darn good singer and I will defend her forever. And don't even get me STARTED on Alicia Keys! She is probably my favorite judge ever as of right now. Everything she says is so genuine and heartfelt, and I love her calm demeanor. She and Miley have a great chemistry on the show, and I couldn't be happier.

Now, let's get to the auditions! Everyone has been pretty incredible so far, but I have a few favorites that I want to share, just in case you missed them. Here are the ones I loved from Monday night:

I liked Riley Elmore's Frank Sinatra-y style, but I think he'll be even better once they work with him a little on stage presence. Also, I'm interested to see more of Sundance Head. He reminds me a lot of Chris Stapleton and I LOVE me some Chris Stapleton!

As far as Tuesday night goes, here were a couple of the best performances, in my opinion:

Wé McDonald blew me away with her low, soulful voice, and Brendan Fletcher's performance of Zac Brown Band's "Jolene" was just awesome. Can't wait to see him gain some more confidence on stage.

It's so hard to pick favorites, because literally EVERY PERSON who made it was incredible, but these are the few that really stood out to me. Who were your favorites this week? Share yours in the comments!

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