The competition is down to 11 contestants, and both my favorites all made the cut!

This week on NBC's "The Voice," the top 12 became the top 11, with Gwen Stefani's Troy Ramey being booted from the show. At this point, every contestant is super talented, so it's inevitable that some really good people are going to go home. Troy was amazing, but I'm just glad my two favorite ladies are still in the competition. Actually, my ladies were saved right away! Clearly America feels the same way about Lauren Duski and Brennley Brown that I do.

Also, Shania Twain was just WONDERFUL as a mentor this week. I swear to God, that woman does not age! She's still just as smokin' hot as ever. I can't wait to see her back on the show again next week.

Here are some of my favorite performances this week:

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