Blake, Adam, Alicia, and Gwen returned to NBC last night, and they brought with them some incredible talent!

I didn't realize this until yesterday afternoon, but 'The Voice' season 12 premiered last night! I knew they would kick off the new season with a bang, and boy, was I right. I love the chemistry between all of the judges already, and I'm definitely excited to see more of their dynamic as the season progresses. As far as singers go, I'm looking through last night's performers right now, and I'm having a hard time picking my favorites because they were all AMAZING.

There was one performance from last night that made me ugly cry, and if you watched the episode, then you know exactly which one I'm talking about. Stephanie Rice shared the story of her parents disowning her after she came out as gay, and then sang the Kelly Clarkson song "Piece by Piece." That song was actually written by Kelly about her own father's abandonment, so the whole thing hit extra hard. It was an especially powerful moment in the episode.

I was also super impressed by the number of very young performers. One girl was only 14! I can't wait to see who they bring out tonight.

Here are my absolute favorites from last night:\

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