One of the benefits of ditching cable and satellite services was avoiding disputes between the carriers and major networks. It seemed like every month there was the ongoing threat of losing several channels in another dispute over broadcast rights and their price. Well, subscribers to YouTube TV, like me, found out that they can hit streaming services too.

I saw messages pop up on my television warning me that I could be losing NBC and all related networks. What? How could I lose NBC? It turns out I was at risk of losing 15 channels in all! No more 'The Voice' or 'Sunday Night Football'. To their credit, YouTube TV informed us that if we did indeed lose these 15 channels, our monthly bill would go down by $10. But wasn't one of the benefits of getting rid of cable to avoid these contract disputes?

Well, first we got word that the two sides had reached a temporary deal that would keep all NBC/Universal channels available on YouTube TV for the short term. Then, yesterday afternoon, we got word on a permanent deal. So, YouTube TV will still have their advertised 85 plus channels for $64.99 a month. There is no word on the length of the deal or the price NBC was charging. One thing that was confirmed is that the deal does not force YouTube TV users to also bundle the Peacock streaming service, which was apparently a demand that NBC left by the wayside.

The bottom line is that NBC is still on YouTube TV, and that means a certain high-profile NFL game tonight is a go!


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