I love my dog more than any other creature on this Earth, but sometimes he's just plain WEIRD. I think he was meant to be mine.

My Boston terrier/pug mix Charles has some pretty odd habits. For example, his favorite "toys" are plastic hangers. He likes to chew the top part of the hanger, so he often gets the oval-shaped bottom part stuck around his neck, and he just walks around the house like nothing is wrong. If you let him out in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, you have to lure him back in with treats, otherwise he will chase bugs in the grass for literal HOURS. He also has his own pillow that he needs to fall asleep at night, but he falls asleep with it in his mouth. My personal favorite of his weird habits, though, is how he attacks the vacuum, even when it's not in use. Here are a few clips of Charles being a weirdo:

The inspiration for this topic actually came from a video that I saw on Facebook earlier this week of a French bulldog named Walter. Just listen to this:

Does your pet have any weird habits? We asked the question on Facebook this week, are here are some of our favorite responses:

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