Last night's episode of The Bachelor started off really slow, but about halfway through the drama finally began!


First of all, Ashley I. NEEDS TO GO. If I have to hear about how she THINKS she's a Disney Princess ONE MORE TIME, I'm going to SCREAM. Last night's episode focused WAY too much on the fact that she's a virgin. It's ALL SHE TALKED ABOUT. Guess what? We all know. And we don't care. You don't see the other virgin in the group making a huge deal about it, so stop begging for attention. When she threw a temper tantrum about not getting the Cinderella date and ran around in her gown all night, I was so embarrassed for her I was actually cringing. But, of course, she stayed on for another week.

The camping date was pretty uninteresting, aside from Kelsey being a huge whiner. She was incredibly fake and complained the whole time. There are a bunch of other girls sitting back at the mansion who would LOVE to be on that date, girl. Suck it up.

The Cinderella date was basically just a giant advertisement for the upcoming Cinderella movie, but it was still adorable, nonetheless. I feel like Chris' sisters weren't as big a part of the episode as I expected. They chose Jade for the date and then disappeared into thin air. Jade looked stunning and she is just so dang cute. I'm so glad she finally got a chance for a one-on-one with Chris. He overlooked her a bit before, but after last night I don't think he'll make that mistake again.

The MuckFest MS date was finally Jillian's moment to shine... Unfortunately Chris sent her home in the middle of their date. HARSH.

And finally... the rose ceremony:

Crazy Eyes/Onion Girl/Ashley S. FINALLY went home. After the camping date, I think Chris feared for his life a little bit. On the way out she left us with, "I feel nothing." That was about an hour after she confessed her love for Chris... ok. I will miss her though, she was very entertaining. Hopefully she had a safe trip back to her home planet.

Can't wait for next week! :)

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