It feels like new businesses are opening up non-stop right now, but I'm certainly not complaining! I love discovering new Eastern Iowa restaurants, especially when they're over on my side of town.


Last week, The Local Craft Ale House opened up at 4001 Center Point Rd NE in Cedar Rapids, which is the building that Prime Time used to be located in. As the name suggests, the restaurant is very focused on featuring local craft beers and ciders, but they do offer some really good food!

We were very appetizer focused when we visited on Friday. We couldn't decide which item we wanted to order, so we ended up trying three different ones! And of course, they all included cheese.

Of the three appetizers we ordered, my favorite was the Poppers. They consist of cream cheese, bacon, and jalapenos on slices of grilled baguette crostini, topped with parmesan cheese and bread crumbs.

We were also told that we HAD to try the cheese curds, and it took zero convincing. The curds are fresh from Milton Creamery in Milton, Iowa, and they beer-batter them in-house and serve them with some delicious sauces.

And the third app we ordered were the Wontons. They were filled with cheddar, cream cheese, and bacon.

Also, I couldn't visit a place called The Local Craft Ale House and NOT order one of the local drinks on tap, so I decided on some Wilson's Hard Cider, which is always tasty!

We had a great overall experience at the restaurant. We had a wonderful server, yummy food, and we didn't even have to wait for a table, which is rare for a new restaurant on a Friday night. If you're looking for a new place to try, I would definitely recommend it!

The Local Craft Ale House is open daily at 11 a.m. Here's a look at their full menu:

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