Let it be known that I WILL travel for great food!

Summer is right around the corner and I'm planning something delicious! A few years ago, I made a New Year's Resolution to try 12 Eastern Iowa restaurants that I had never tried before. I was proud to announce that I exceeded that goal. The only problem is, there are still some restaurants from that list that I never got around to visiting. That's mainly because of longer distances. I plan to remedy that this summer!

I have been working on an Eastern Iowa restaurant summer bucket list. May through September, I would like to take a mini-road trip once a month to some well-known restaurant I haven't tried before. I have four out of the five selected, but I need your help coming up with the last one! I'm willing to travel up to two hours for each restaurant, but it's gotta be REALLY good. Here are the ones I've chosen so far:

Do you have a suggestion for me for my fifth restaurant road trip? I would love to hear it! Just know that I have already been to The General Store, Bluff Lake Catfish Farm, and Hale Tap. Leave your ideas below!

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