Brett Eldredge and Luke Bryan graced Moline with their presence last night, and, not surprisingly, the show was AMAZING.

Thursday night concerts in Moline are not something I usually partake in because of work, but I made an exception last night to go see Brett and Luke on the "Huntin', Fishin' and Lovin' Every Day" tour. I was expecting to be more tired this morning, but I think I'm still on a concert high! Even though I had to leave an hour into Luke's set (being a responsible adult sucks), the show was still fantastic.

The best part of the night was obviously the meet & greet with Brett Eldredge. It was my third time meeting him, so I was hoping he would somehow remember me. He didn't at first, but I told him I proposed to him last year, and that seemed to jog his memory a bit. I promised him that wouldn't be happening again. The first time we met we did a selfie/Snapchat video, and the second time was the proposal, so this time I wanted to do just a normal photo. I wasn't pleased with how I looked in the original photo, but thank God for filters!


I was a little bummed that I was in the pit on the opposite side of the stage from Brett's guitarist Greg (I'm ALWAYS on Greg's side), but I got to look at Jesse's face all night, so I'm not complaining. My favorite song of the evening is when he sang a cover of Train's "Drops of Jupiter." It's one of my favorite songs ever, so I made sure to get some video of it. I also managed to get some awesome videos of Luke Bryan, as well! Here are some of my favorite moments from the show:

To everybody going to tonight's show - HAVE FUN! You're going to love it!

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