Personalized menus, champagne flutes, and candlelight... this definitely isn't your average Taco Bell visit.

This absolutely sounds like my dream date. I wish I would've thought of it first.

A couple from Sacramento decided to mix things up this Valentine's Day by skipping the fancy restaurants and heading to their favorite fast food place instead. Daniel and Cassie have been together for 5 years, and they were sick of the same-old Valentine's Day stuff. After running through a list of boring ideas, Cassie finally said, "Let’s just go to Taco Bell!" It was meant as a joke, but they decided to run with it.

Daniel and Cassie didn't just go to Taco Bell in fancy clothing. Ohhhhhh no! They went ALL OUT. They created a 3-course menu, renaming the Crunchwrap a "Tostada al Trapo," they drank Baja Blast (described as "a crisp, fruity, lightly carbonated 2004 Tennessee vintage) out of champagne flutes, and they brought candles, fancy plates, and a table cloth! Taco Bell employees even played along, cleaning off a window seat for them and dimming the lights to set the mood.

In an interview, with Buzzfeed, Daniel said, "It was a great excuse to get dolled up and get outside our comfort zones." He added, “We hope other couples challenge themselves to appreciate each other in new ways!"

To see more photos from the fancy T-Bell date, click HERE.

[Via Buzzfeed]

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