I refuse to believe this could ever happen, but that's admittedly because I have so many decades of memories connected to Six Flags in St. Louis, Missouri. A report claims that because of a merger that's happening, the park is "not untouchable".

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I just came across this report from Theme Park Insider. For those of us that grew up in Missouri loving the coasters at Six Flags, this is very concerning. It involves Cedar Fair and Six Flags merging. They explore what that merger will mean for all of the parks of both companies including the possibility that some Six Flags parks could close.

CoasterDash via YouTube
CoasterDash via YouTube

When they discuss Six Flags St. Louis, they list it as "Definitely touchable".

How in the world could Six Flags St. Louis ever close?

The report from Theme Park Insider says (and I'll use exact words so I don't misquote what they're saying):

Now we get to the parks whose fans might begin to worry...potentially high real estate values that could make the parks a lucrative sales opportunity.

Let's be clear. They are NOT saying that Six Flags St. Louis will close. Not at all. Furthermore, I cannot imagine a scenario where that happens, but I also admit to being more than a little naive when it comes to business. But, it dropped my jaw when I saw the theme park I grew up with listed as "definitely touchable".

CoasterDash via YouTube
CoasterDash via YouTube

I also understand that the pandemic years definitely hurt all theme parks including Six Flags St. Louis. This is anecdotal, but the park always seemed to be very busy the last handful of times my family has been there, but now that I think about it, it's been years since that happened.

Don't take my word for it. Read the Theme Park Insider story for yourself and see if what is unimaginable to me is your takeaway also.

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