As the U.S. continues to try to meet the demand for coronavirus tests, a Coralville company is ramping up production of the kits needed for them.

Earlier this week, Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT), whose corporate headquarters are in Coralville, released this statement:

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) is committed to doing its part in the fight against 2019-nCoV. Our company - comprised largely of scientists - is focused on supporting the vast needs of customers involved in both 2019-CoV virus detection and vaccine development. To date, we have scaled production and delivered sufficient quantities of IDT product to enable testing of over 700,000 individuals for coronavirus using the Center for Disease Control’s 2019-noV CDC test protocol. IDT has additional inventory available and stands ready to ship sufficient quantities of IDT products to enable testing of additional individuals. We continue to work closely with the CDC and FDA to ensure ongoing supply to meet demand and are on track to release additional IDT products on an ongoing basis.

After producing about 700,000 primer and probe kits to be used in coronavirus tests last week, Iowa's News Now says that number will reach 2.5 million this week at IDT. Beginning Monday, March 16, the company expects to produce enough primer and probe kits for 5 million tests on a weekly basis. The kits are being produced in Coralville.

Integrated DNA Technologies was the first company in the nation to have their primer and probe kits approved by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In addition to producing the 5 million primer and probe kits for coronavirus tests each week, IDT will also continue to supply another great need. They'll be producing those same kits for research laboratories who are working diligently to develop a vaccine for the COVID-19 virus.

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