Sometimes a story just makes you go WOW. This is one of those stories. Warning, it's probably also going to make you feel good and jealous at the same time.

Last weekend, St. John Properties, based in Maryland, hosted their Christmas party with an incredible surprise for the company's 198 employees. They divvied up a $10 million bonus among them. It was all to celebrate the company milestone of developing 20-million square feet of warehouse, office, and retail space in eight states, including 14 properties in Wisconsin.

Each employee was handed a red envelope with explicit instructions not to open it. That's when Edward St. John, the chairman and founder of the company, broke the news by saying,

You're all participating in a bonus based on the number of years [of service] of $10 million.

The average employee opened their envelope to learn they were receiving $50,000. The largest bonus was $270,000. Oh, and this is an additional bonus. St. John Properties employees will also receive their annual year-end bonus. Like I said, WOW.

Three years ago this month, Bertch Cabinets of Waterloo, Iowa announced they were sending all 800 of their employees on a week-long cruise, also to celebrate a company milestone. Here's a video showing some of the workers enjoying the fruits of their labor:

I sincerely hope your employer treats you this way. As for me, our company Christmas party is this weekend and I recently bought a cabinet from Bertch. I'll keep my fingers crossed, but I'm not gonna hold my breath.

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