It's one of those winter jobs that can get old quick. Shoveling and clearing every inch of snow that falls. You have to clear the driveway and other areas around your home. But forgetting to clear your sidewalk could prove costly in more ways than one.

I'm always amazed at the number of people just in my neighborhood who still go out and walk or run in the winter months. Plus, the number of dog walkers that go by my house is high too. So what happens when those people encounter a sidewalk that isn't cleared? First of all it's a safety hazard. They could slip on ice, fall and break a bone. Then guess who's in big, the home owner. In Cedar Rapids, you can file a complaint if you see a business or home that hasn't cleared their sidewalk. The city then notifies the person and they have 48 hours to clear the sidewalk. If it still doesn't get cleared, the city may investigate whether that person is not complying and you could eventually be charged a fee of $159 for the clearing of your sidewalk!

Even though it can be tough to break up the ice and snow, get out there and get it done. The cost of NOT doing it could be more than you imagined.


[via Gazette]

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