Before we get to the promised embarrassing pictures of me in leggings, it's only fair that we re-visit how we got here.

My wife Holly, like many women out there, has discovered the recent trend of what are called booty lifting leggings. They are made by a variety of different retailers but the ones I'll be modeling are from Lift. I kept seeing a pair arrive via Amazon seemingly every other day until finally I'd had enough. I had to find out for myself why she was investing in these leggings! So I tried them on. Guys...we are truly missing out here! These things feel wonderful! I can't really speak to whether or not the lift my, well, you know. But the leggings themselves were so comfortable.

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After forcing myself to take them off, I talked about my adventure on the air. Courtlin was very upset that there was no photographic evidence that I had worn the leggings. Hey, I may wear leggings on the weekends, but I'm not an idiot! So yesterday I agree that if we got 500 or more 'likes' on a Facebook post before the show ended, I would take some tasteful pictures of me wearing the leggings. We got over 600 likes in an hour.

So last night, I wore a bright pink and a navy blue pair of booty lifting leggings and had my daughter Carly take the pictures. At one point she was covering her face and taking the picture. That is how great these shots are.

So without further delay, here you go K-HAWK Country. Enjoy!


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