The month of August will bring several astronomical sights to the skies of Cedar Rapids, including the Perseids Meteor Shower on August 12, and the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st.

But it was on this date, August 6th, exactly five years ago that this amazing video of a UFO was captured over Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Yes, I am a believer in extra-terrestrial life and evidence like this only confirms my suspicions that we are not alone.

According to You Tube, the person who captured the video was not sure if it was a star or plane, but was completely spooked when it begins to jump and dance across the sky.

"At first we were not sure if it was just a star, light, plane, or what, but it was right next to the moon--glowing pretty bright. But the second the light took of and started shooting and dancing across the night sky, our skepticism jumped to curiosity."

I wonder if this object might make a return appearance on the 5th anniversary of it's sighting in this video. With the full moon arriving on the 9th of August, it would be freaky cool to see if this unidentified visitor makes a return to the night sky sometime this week.

[source: You Tube]

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