If you thought that you were patriotic, you obviously haven't met this high schooler. KWWL reports that David Field is a senior with Down Syndrome at Prairie High School in Cedar Rapids who LOVES his country like no other.

Here's how patriotic this student really is... Fields thought that the flag flying outside of his high school was just too small, so he decided they needed a new one. He saved up his money, bought a brand new (bigger) flag and donated it to his school. The KWWL report states that seeing beat up or torn flags upsets David, according to his mother. Fields loves his country more than anything and "was awarded his school's Patriot Award for his daily acts of patriotism, which includes hanging a flag from his backpack."

Fields loves all branches of the military and can recite the songs from each branch, but his favorite is the Army. That's proven in the video below of David belting out "The Army Goes Rolling Along".

Although he is unable to join the Army due to his Down Syndrome, he was "awarded an honorary enlistment as an army man!" Congrats David!


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