It seems that in the world of politics a recount of votes is almost expected. And who can blame a candidate if the final tally is separated by just a few votes? In the race for Cedar Rapids mayor, none of the candidates received enough votes to be declared the winner. But the race between the second and third place candidates ended up being very close.

Current Cedar Rapids mayor Brad Hart finished in third place, trailing second-place finisher Amara Andrews by only 40 votes according to CBS2. Tiffany O'Donnell got the most votes. So since the top two candidates with the most votes would advance to a run-off, most figured that 40 votes are a slim enough margin to do a recount. Mayor Hart disagreed. Hart issued the following statement late last week.

While the number of votes between Amara Andrews and me represents less than two tenths of one percent, I have decided not to ask for a recount, in part to avoid the cost and the efforts of those who would need to be involved. Thank you to my family, friends, volunteers and Cedar Rapids voters for your support in my re-election bid. We fell short of our goal and are, of course, disappointed. However, I am proud of the successes of the last four years and where the city stands today. Despite a pandemic and a natural disaster 67% of Cedar Rapidians believe the city is on the right track, and that's because we have come far in recovering from the derecho, improved our streets and added flood protection, housing and jobs. I will finish out my term by serving this great city just like I've tried to do every day for the last four years. Thank you to my fellow city council members and to the talented city team I've had the privilege to work with. Thank you to the citizens of Cedar Rapids for the opportunity to serve you over the last four years. It has been an honor.

Hart had every legal right to opt for a recount. Instead, his move guarantees that Cedar Rapids will have a new mayor. The run-off between Tiffany O'Donnell and Amara Andrews will take place on November 30th.

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