We could always use a good romantic story around Valentine's Day, and this one will melt your heart.

According to KCRG, a 105-year-old Cedar Rapids man has been saving his Valentine's Day cards for almost a century. Don Johnson shared his heartwarming collection with KCRG. What's even more special about his valentines are that they are from his forever sweetheart--his wife Phyllis. The report states that on February 14, 1931, Don was a sophomore in high school when he slipped a Valentine's Day card on a cute freshman's desk. That freshman was Phyllis. That was the first card Don gave her and he STILL has it.

Don and Phyllis were together for 10 years before they tied the knot in 1941. Don said Phyllis had a lot of boys in high school that were her friends so he had quite a bit of competition. Don became the lucky guy as he was married to Phyllis for over sixty years! Sadly, Phyllis passed away in 2004, but he still has wonderful memories and all of those years of Valentine's Day cards to look back on.

Don told KCRG that he didn't even know why he kept all of the cards. He said that it was something Phyllis did and he admired her taste for things. So sweet. If that wasn't enough to melt your heart, you should hear Don's tip for a successful marriage.

“One of the rudiments, I think, of a successful marriage is love in the first place...It has to be genuine, it has to be respectful, and it has to be honorable. You have to be aware that your spouse is entitled to her opinions as well as your own.”

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