This weather is all over the place! First it was snow, then snow, and then more snow. Now comes the rain and it's causing some issues.

The warmer temperatures are definitely a nice change, but the precipitation won't ease up. Rain moved into the area today and appears to have caused flooding in some Cedar Rapids streets. KCRG-TV9 posted a photo of a Cedar Rapids street flooding from the morning's rains.

Yikes! We could see more of this tonight as "showers and thunderstorms will be possible which could dump locally heavy rain," according to CBS2. The report also states that the rain falling over the already several inches of snow on the ground has potential to cause flash flooding. So be aware and be safe! Get the full weather report at CBS2.

One thing is for sure, this winter has been a crazy one. Feel free to share your photos of this interesting winter weather with us via the app!

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