When this young Minnesota Vikings fan headed to the Twin Cities Saturday morning, he had no idea he was going to a game, let alone one of the best ever.

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Saturday morning, Nate Galvin, his son Teegan, and Nate's girlfriend Hannah Holman took off for the Twin Cities. Teegan thought they were going out of state for a quick trip that would include some time to swim. He was in for quite a surprise.

Nate Galvin shared with me that the three faced tough travel conditions Saturday morning on their way to Minneapolis. During the drive, Teegan heard on the radio that the Minnesota Vikings were playing a rare Saturday home game. Teegan excitedly said to his dad, "Did you know that the Vikings play today?!" Oh, he knew alright.

Once they arrived at U.S. Bank Stadium, Nate and Hannah told Teegan they had time to walk around the stadium and maybe they'd even see a couple of players. They took a wrapped present along to give to the Salvation Army... a tradition they started several years ago. Except for this time, the present wasn't for the Salvation Army. Teegan was about to get the surprise of his life, albeit just seven years in. They were all three about to go inside the stadium to watch the Minnesota Vikings try to clinch the NFC North Division title against the Indianapolis Colts.

Those surprise tickets for Teegan were for what would end up being the most remarkable game in the history of the National Football League.

Trailing 33-0 at halftime, Minnesota managed the largest comeback the NFL has ever seen, winning 39-36 in overtime. Nate told me, "we went from cheering paper airplanes in the 1st half to just an absolute frickin' miracle."

What has happened since the game is just as amazing. That incredible video of Teegan receiving his gift has gone viral. It's been shared by ESPN SportsCenter.

The National Football League.

Teegan even made the Instagram story of his favorite player, Vikings running back Dalvin Cook. Cook wears #4, the jersey that was inside the present he opened.

What a surprise. What a moment. What a game.

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