2020 was a tough year on many professions. At one point last year, the unemployment rate in this country stood at 14.7%. A global pandemic certainly hasn't helped. But those numbers have improved. The current unemployment rate is around 6.7%, meaning there are still plenty of Americans searching for jobs. WalletHub took a look at the top American cities in the U.S. for finding that new job in 2021 and two cities in Iowa made the top 50.

WalletHub looked at a variety of different factors when coming up with their rankings. The of course looked at the job markets of each of the cities, and then looked at many socio-economic figures as well. Each city got a ranking in each category. So which Iowa cities fared the best? Des Moines came in at #26 overall. Iowa's capital city has the 15th best job market in the U.S., and ranked 68th in socio-economic rankings. Cedar Rapids also made the list at #42 overall. Our job market ranks 25th best in the nation, and the city scored 72nd in socio-economic markers.

Cedar Rapids and Des Moines did rank first and second in the nation in one category. Affordable housing. So what is the bottom line? At least in some parts of Iowa, there are jobs to be found. No one said that it would be easy, but they are out there. The other encouraging thing is that there continue to be other factors that make Iowa an attractive place to work and live.

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