Sally's on Broadway was the target of a robbery yesterday, and the robbers took more than just money from the register.

Austin Smith, a 6-year-old boy who frequently visited Sally's on Broadway, lost his battle with cancer back in May. The Austin Strong Foundation was started in his name, and donations are often dropped off at the Springville restaurant, where they have a room that is decorated in his honor.

On Monday morning, the owner of Sally's, Sally Deeb, noticed that something wasn't right when she arrived at work. She told KWWL, "When I saw that pry mark on the door it just left me with the most eerie feeling and I came in and could see the disarray in the office." The police were called to the scene, but there were no surveillance cameras around to catch the criminals in the act. Sally believes that around $8,000 was stolen form the restaurant, and over a thousand dollars of that money was for the Austin Strong Foundation. She stated: "The funds, the register, the restaurant money that can all get replaced but the money for him, that's a violation that I won't forgive."

The good news is that, according to Sally's Facebook page, people are already stepping up to make new donations to the foundation.

Brain was able to speak with Sally this morning via Facebook messenger, and here's what she wrote:

"We feel it was someone who knew exactly where things were which could narrow it down to anyone with the amount of traffic that goes through our place! Once the safe was taken - and that happened to have funds for the AustinStrong Foundation, it became very personal and unforgivable. Customers randomly leave donations with me for Austin's foundation. That money is held in a separate envelope until I am able to give it directly to Britt and Mikinzie Smith. I am guessing there was approximately $1200 in that envelope. Since the story broke yesterday, we have already collected over $600 for the foundation with over another $2000 pledged!! The amazing generosity and kindness of people at a time like this is unbelievable!! It definitely overpowers the evil out there in this world. I believe Austin himself may have shared his thoughts with us last night regarding how he feels about the break in through the violent storm we had! We're hoping that someone knows something or saw something and will come forward. Meanwhile it remains business as usual at Sally's On Broadway! Other then being a little shaken up we were quickly back to normal. Again, I am so touched by everyone's kindness and generosity towards rebuilding of the AustinStrong foundation funds that were stolen. If anyone would like to make a donation they have several options- money can always be left with me at the restaurant, they can visit the AustinStrong foundation FB page, or they can visit and either of those will give you info on how to donate."

If you would like to make a donation to the Austin Strong Foundation, Sally's is located at 263 Broadway St, Springville, IA 52336. You can also visit the Austin Strong Foundation website HERE.

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