When it comes to NBA players, past and present, praise for Iowa's Caitlin Clark has been consistent the past two seasons. From Steph Curry to Lebron James, many NBA greats have said how much they enjoy watching Clark play. Now another NBA star and basketball Hall of Famer is weighing in on what Caitlin Clark means to the game of basketball.

Allen Iverson was an 11-time All-Star in the NBA. The guard who played most of his career in Philadelphia won four NBA scoring titles and was named the 2001 NBA MVP. The former #1 overall pick out of Georgetown won Rookie of the Year in 1997 and is largely credited with changing the image of the NBA. His crossover dribble is legendary and he is probably the best scorer under 6 feet in NBA history. 'The Answer' as he was called knows something about scoring the basketball!

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Clutch Points reports that Iverson had some very kind words for Caitlin Clark as she and the Hawkeyes get set to start their March Madness journey this weekend. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Iverson expressed his respect for Clark and stated that she is the epitome of what the sport desires in a player.

According to Clutch Points, Iverson stated, "She's everything. She's everything we want in our sport. She's the perfect role model for what we want. To hell if she's a woman, a man or anything like that. Just who she is, a class act off the court as well." High praise from a player who sometimes struggled with his off-the-court antics.

It has to be amazing for Clark to know that so many basketball greats are pulling for her to succeed. As the saying goes, 'game respects game.' 

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