It's a lot to be Caitlin Clark. Put yourself in her shoes. The pressure to perform at a high level every game. To put on a show every night. Hit the logo three-point shots. Nail the around the around-the-back pass. Lead her team back to the Final Four, and to a possible National Championship. And be a student, a girlfriend, a daughter. Don't for one minute think she doesn't earn every penny of that NIL money. But what Caitlin Clark does AFTER the game, could be the best thing about her game.

Iowa v Purdue
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If you've watched any of Iowa's games this season, home or away, you have seen the kids wearing #22 jerseys, holding signs, just hoping to catch a glimpse of their hero. Yes, Carver-Hawkeye Arena is sold out for every home game this season, but the true mark of Caitlin Clark's impact is what you see in that sell-out crowd. Somewhere out there is the next Caitlin Clark. She is inspiring a whole generation of kids, girls and boys, to work hard and dream big. She's showing them that if a girl from Des Moines, Iowa can do it, so can they.

The best part of Caitlin Clark's game is what she does after the game is over. She spends time signing jerseys and posters. Some games she even gives away the shoes she wore during the game! Don't worry...Nike has her covered. Those memories that she is creating for those young fans will stick with them longer than any logo three-point shot she hits her entire career.

The best part of Caitlin Clark? It's that she is one of us. An Iowan. And that is something that we'll never forget.

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