A business owner in Des Moines arrived to work this morning to find a burglary in progress. The owner of the business ended up shooting and killing the alleged burglar, after an altercation.

67-year-old Thomas Kraft, owner of Kraft 5 Star Muffler in Des Moines, reportedly got to work and found the front door of the business had been busted in. The owner also discovered a truck full of products from the business. The business owner and alleged burglar then encountered each other, with Kraft fatally shooting the intruder. The deceased man has been identified as 37-year-old Amund Benjamin Haarstad of Fergus Falls, Minnesota. The business owner wasn't injured but did go to an area hospital for treatment of an unrelated issue. The call to police came at 7:17 this morning from the business at 1400 Army Post Road, across the street from a Casey's store and next to Morris Elementary School.

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No charges have been filed to this point and Paul Parizek, a Sergeant with the Des Moines Police Department, told KCCI he believes it's a "stand your ground" case. According to We Are Iowa, the stand your ground law reads,

A person who is justified in using reasonable force against an aggressor in defense of oneself, another person, or property pursuant to section 704.4 is immune from criminal or civil liability for all damages incurred by the aggressor pursuant to the application of reasonable force.

The name of the victim/alleged burglar has not been identified. The pickup with the store's merchandise had been reported stolen from Minnesota.

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