When the Detroit Lions were game-planning which runner to stop during Sunday's NFC Championship game they no doubt focused on running back Christian McCaffery. But they forgot about Brock Purdy.

Purdy will never be mistaken for mobile quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen. Heck, Fox Sports reports that the 49er's QB only had 144 rushing yards during the regular season. But Purdy ran when he needed to against the Lions on Sunday. Purdy finished the game with 48 rushing yards but it was when he got them that helped seal the win.

Fox Sports reports that according to Next Gen Stats, Purdy converted three first downs on scrambles. He also completed 3 of 4 passes for three first downs on scrambles outside of the pocket. In a word, 'clutch.'

No, San Francisco head coach Kyle Shannahan won't be calling any designed QB runs for Purdy, but he told Fox Sports that Purdy's legs were the difference.

I thought it was the difference between us winning and losing. He made some big plays with his legs, getting out of the pocket, moving the chains on some first downs, some explosives.

All season long, Purdy has had to put up with people doubting his abilities. That Mr. Irrelevant moniker needs to stop. He just led his team to a comeback win and a trip to the Super Bowl. In two weeks, he'll get the chance to prove it all over again, this time against two-time Super Bowl winner Patrick Mahomes. Purdy wouldn't have it any other way.

NFC Championship - Detroit Lions v San Francisco 49ers
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