When I was asked earlier this year to take part in a fundraiser for the Marion Athletic Boosters waiting tables at a local Marion restaurant, I said 'yes'. I'm sure that they wouldn't have us unexperienced guest servers on our own. Surely we'd be paired with someone who knew what they were doing.

All those thoughts went out the window quickly once I arrived Monday night to Ramsey's Wine Bistro in Marion. There were no regular servers. There were only the six 'celebrity' servers. We were quickly given instructions on the specials, the soups, how to order drinks, put in food orders, and where to put the dishes when we cleaned off our tables. Yes, we were responsible for everything. But when you're working for tips, what else would you expect?

My fellow guest servers found it easiest to break off into our own sections. We were each responsible for around 3 to 4 tables each. I'd never waited tables before last night. I've always respected people who did. You are the face of the restaurant. I brought drinks, appetizers, main dishes, drink refills, extra mayo, to-go cartons, the bill, change, and did it all with a smile. I believe all my fellow guest servers gained a greater appreciation for what goes on each night inside restaurants like Ramsey's.

I'm not sure of the exact total, but we raised hundreds of dollars in tips for the Marion Athletic Booster club. The staff at Ramsey's were great. They were patient and showed us the right way to serve the public. I went home Monday night after my three-hour shift with a sore back and tired feet. My night as a waiter was as accurate as they get.

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