I never had a sister growing up, so I never really understood what it was like to be around girls. But now I have two daughters and the difference between boys and girls is night and day! I remember how proud I was to become a dad. Having a son makes a dad feel something I can't explain. But having daughters changes you, for the better. It makes you see the world differently.

Today is International Day of the Girl Child. It is a worldwide holiday that highlight and addresses the needs and challenges that girls face every day. It also promotes girl empowerment and human rights. As a man, I guess I was always subconsciously aware of my advantage in society. Even though I don't consider myself any better or different than my female co-workers or other members of society, unfortunately, the rest of the world doesn't always see it that way. Women face numerous challenges that men don't. Gender discrimination. Equal pay issues. Sexual discrimination and assault. It's not easy growing up and being a girl, and that's something that has become more aware to me than ever since I have daughters.

We can do better. And progress is being made. Women are speaking up and speaking out about what they believe in. I love it. Why shouldn't girls have every opportunity in life that boys do? Why should any father have to tell their kids 'no, you can't' because they're girls?

Who rules the world? I think you know the answer. Here are my two girls, Carly and Cayleigh, talking about what it's like to grow up being a girl.

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