We all react the same way when we hear a new song that we love. We hear it for the first time, and then we think "I could listen to this all day!" Which of course is wrong. Once you listen to your new favorite song all day, it's not your favorite song anymore. You've been burnt. You've lost all the enjoyment that the song brought you when you first heard it. That happens a lot to people like me who have worked for years in the radio business. I'll love a new song when it comes out, but the more we play it, the more I end up loathing it.  Kids don't operate that way. My daughters Carly and Cayleigh will latch on to a tune and NEVER LET IT GO. The proof? The band One Direction released a new song on Spotify last Friday and as soon as my daughters found out, they've played it non stop!

They aren't alone. The tune is being streamed nearly 3.12 million times a day on Spotify alone. My daughters have burned this song into my memory. And the music video isn't even out yet! Curse you Harry Styles!