It's hard to figure out kids sometimes. Most of the time, mine aren't concerned with real-world issues like money. They're content to play with their toys and games. But my daughter Cayleigh surprised me this week when she claimed to have a get rich quick scheme.

Cayleigh, who is 7, approached me in the living room one night this week and said, "I figured out how to make a lot of money." Naturally, I was curious. I asked her what her master plan was. She informed me that it would be easy. All we have to do is "buy something cheap and then sell it for a lot of money!" Ah, the innocence of being a child. At 7 you have no concept of how money is spent or earned for that matter. The kids all are given money for birthdays and holidays and we let them spend how they wish, for the most part. They have learned that money doesn't go nearly as far as you think it does! Maybe that is why Cayleigh figured she needed to come up with some funds of her own.

Her plan involved juice boxes. Yes, she wanted to go to the store and buy juice boxes in bulk, and then sell the individual boxes at an increased price to turn a profit. Now, of course, I didn't tell her that wasn't allowed. It says right on the boxes that they are not for individual sale. I told her than in theory, her plan was sound. But I was more concerned about having juice boxes for their school lunches than I was about selling them. She relented and went back to play in her room.

Yes, the wheels are always turning in the mind of a child. They take in more information about real-world situations than you realize. I know one thing for sure. Cayleigh is planning on having her first lemonade stand this spring. Buyer beware...I have no idea how much she's going to charge.

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