My daughter Carly joined the ranks in my family who have had to have teeth removed. My wife Holly had it done when she was younger, and so did I. Sometimes you just need some help making room for permanent teeth to come in. Carly has quite the personality. I'm not sure where she gets it. So we were wondering what she would be like when she came out from under the effects of anesthesia. Since HIPPA regulations forbid us from taking video the following account of events is the best I could do.

The doctor called us back after only 15 minutes or so and said that everything went great. Carly was just waking up when we entered the room. You could tell she was taking it all in and adjusting to being awake. She looked at Holly and I and said, "who are you?" I wasn't sure she was joking. She then said that Holly "had ten heads." We were on our way.

As she slowly came to she asked us where our dog was. We assured her that he was at home waiting for her. Then she said what I thought was "I'm sore." I asked her if it hurt, and she said "no...I'm THOR. Where is my hammer?" Then she launched into chants of "Hulk Smash!" The nurse adjusted her chair and we knew it was time to get going. After I told Carly to settle down and take some deep breaths, she got quiet. She then gazed up at the ceiling and launched into the chorus of 'True Colors'.

As they removed the IV from her arm she began to moo like a cow. But there was a picture of one on the wall so I guess that made sense. We got her home and after resting awhile she had no recollection of what had happened. Pity we couldn't get some video. She would have trended online for sure.

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