It's a right of passage for many girls. Getting your ears pierced. Some have it done at a  very young age. Both of my daughters have waited to get theirs done. Carly, who is 9, doesn't want anyone touching her ears. But Cayleigh wanted hers done for her eighth birthday. So this weekend, we headed to the mall!

Claire's was the store of choice for Cayleigh. She and her sister already shop there and that is where she wanted her ears done. So we signed the paperwork and she prepared herself. Her only request was that she had to be holding Mom's hand the whole time. But as you'll see, she didn't shed a tear!

She ended up getting earrings that featured her birthstone, Aquamarine. She even picked out another set of earrings to wear after her ears heal. After we were done, I shared with the girls that I got MY ear pierced at Claire's store when I was 18. I've still got the dimple in my ear to prove it. How's THAT for relating to your daughters?

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