We all learn to ride a bike at different paces. I remember it took me longer to master 2 wheels than it did for my younger brother. Chase took to riding his bike fairly easily too. Carly has been a different story. We've worked with her, encouraged her and she still was hesitant to take off. Until last night.

The kids were playing in the final hours of daylight Monday evening as Holly and I were preparing a late dinner. They love riding their bikes and scooters on the sidewalk in front of the house. With the windows open we could hear them playing. Cayleigh came up on the porch and announced that Carly was "riding her bike." What we thought she meant was sitting on it and pushing herself with her feet. But we soon found out that Carly finally got brave and took off!


First time without training wheels!!!! Super excited!!!

Posted by Holly Brainard on Monday, October 12, 2015

A proud moment but also a scary one. Now she's going to want to ride everywhere her older brother does! Now we just have Cayleigh left to learn before the whole family can go on a bike ride together!

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