It's that time of year! Gathering around the TV and watching your favorite holiday movies. We love doing it at our house. I know that everyone has their own favorite Christmas movie, but I thought I'd take the time and let you know about a few that are required viewing at the Brainard house in December!

5. Die Hard - Ok, we start the list with one that is a little controversial. Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? No. Does it take place during the holidays? Yes! Close enough for me! Give me Bruce Willis saving Nakatomi Plaza any Christmas!

4. Elf - Will Ferrell makes us all believe that he is an elf from the north pole. The guy should have won an Oscar! So many quotable lines that you'll feel like a 'cotton headed ninny muggins' if you don't like it!

3. A Christmas Story - Sure, TBS has ruined it by playing it for 24 hours every Christmas, but just watching this every year makes it feel more like Christmas. True story...I've eaten Chinese food on Christmas Eve. It was wonderful.

2. Home Alone - The last half an hour of this movie is so good it's #2 on my list! Bashing Joe Pesci's face in never gets old! Yes, the premise of the film is flimsy at best, but defending your house on Christmas Eve? How does it get any better than that?

1. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation - I give you a Griswold family Christmas! Chevy Chase is at his comedic best. It makes fun of what we all dread during the! So many great lines, so little time. I'll watch it a thousand times this month.


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