I can still remember the day I realized I could outrun my dad. It was spring or summer, I can't remember for sure but the weather was warm. I had done something wrong and my dad was after me so I took off running. He gave chase but soon realized that it was no use. There was no catching me. Off course this only increased my punishment once I stopped running and headed back to the house.

Since the weather was so nice and warm over the weekend, my family took off for a nice walk around the neighborhood. On our way home I decided to give Chase a chance to beat his old man. He is a fast runner, one of the fastest in his class. I hadn't run since Hurts Donuts made a surprise stop in Marion last summer. My wife was there to record the whole thing.

I won by a whole three strides or so. Chase cried false start. I told him it was just a great jump. I'll hold this over his head for a while. I'm sure he'll want a rematch sooner or later. Chalk a win up for parents!

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