As I laid in my hospital bed there were many thoughts that ran through my mind. Mending from a broken back will give a person some time to reflect on what's important. If you don't have your health, you truly don't have anything. The saying is true. But when you have a great support group around you that steps up it sure does make life easier. I have much to be thankful for.

First, my parents and my in-laws stepped right in to help. Whether it was visiting me, or making sure the kids got home from school, they did what needed to be done. They continue to help with rides to doctors appointments and the like.

The care that I received at St. Luke's Hospital was great. The nurses and the doctors took great care of me. They comforted me when I needed it, and they pushed me when I needed that too. They taught me how to pee laying down. They helped me take my first steps. They helped me through my first shower. They did it all with care and professionalism. I felt safe and cared for.

Our community of friends and neighbors really came through too. Some brought by food for our family to enjoy. Others stopped by and helped with last-minute yard work that I couldn't help with. Some asked if they could come over and help, while others just showed up. I appreciate it more than you know.

And finally, Holly. Wedding vows say 'in sickness and in health'. I really pushed it this time. Not only did she become the only parent at home for four days, she had to become a nurse when I got home. She had to keep the kids on track, and also care for the biggest baby of all, me. Not once has she complained. She has been there for me in dark hours, telling me it will get better, and to not be afraid. She is strong and loving and I am forever grateful for it all.

Thank you again to all of you who reached out over the past week. My recovery is slow, but I'm fortunate that it wasn't worse. I'm happy to be back on the air.

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