When your soon-to-be 12-year-old daughter asks you to do something, is there any other answer than 'yes'? Cayleigh and some friends got together this weekend in honor of her upcoming birthday this week and decided that they wanted to go rollerskating. And then, she decided that she wanted her dad to skate with her.

I was never a great rollerskater, but I will say this. I was O.K. I could never skate backward or incorporate fancy dance moves, but I could make my way around the rink at a decent rate of speed. Mind you that was several decades ago. It's not like rollerskating is part of my normal fitness routine. But as we filed into Super Skate in Cedar Rapids on Saturday night, and I laced up those size 12s, fear began to grip me. Not the fear of falling. Let's face it.I knew that was coming. Not the fear of embarrassing myself. Again...that was coming. I feared serious injury. What if I fell and broke my leg? Fractured my wrist? Bruised my ego?

Well, I'm happy to report to you that I survived. I made several trips around the rink on Saturday night. Once I got going I felt pretty good. Stopping and starting was a bit of an issue. The video above is great...but Holly stopped recording me just as I stopped and then fell right on my backside. Something about standing still with skates on is hard for this guy.

Despite my several falls and bruised knees, the night was fun because my daughter and her friends had fun. They escorted me several times around the rink, encouraging me as we went. Their enjoyment and laughter, and me not having any new medical bills, made for a fun time.

Holly Brainard
Holly Brainard




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