Having kids can be hectic and crazy sometimes. No picture sums it up quite like the one above. I remember taking that picture just over three years ago. It was just after baths and the kids were winding down before they headed off to bed. Yeah, right. Winding down. They all just piled into my lap and posed as Holly took a picture of the spontaneous moment. It just sums up parenthood so well. Crazy, chaotic, and fun.

Father's Day went great yesterday. I got to have breakfast with my dad Sunday morning and then hung out with the kids at home in the afternoon. Holly had to work, but when she got home I was showered with my favorite things. Grape Mountain Dew Kickstarts! Resse's Peanut Butter Cups as far as the eye could see! And my special dinner? Taco pizza of course! What more could a dad ask for? But before the day was over, Holly suggested we recreate my favorite picture of myself and the kids. It wasn't easy. It's amazing how much they've grown the past several years!

Holly Brainard
Holly Brainard

It's amazing to look at the two photos and see how much time has passed. I can't wait to update this photo in another three years! I hope all the dads out there had a great Father's Day. I know my family sure made me feel special.

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