If you've ever looked up an address on Google Maps, you no doubt have also used the feature called Street View. That's where you get to see a real photo of the location that you are searching for. In order to get these photos, Google sends out Street View vehicles. They're cars with a special camera on top that takes images in a 360-degree view. It's amazing technology that has caught some strange things in action.

The latest story comes out of Peru. A man there was looking at pictures of a bridge near him and his wife's home. He fired up the Google Street View and noticed that on a bench near the bridge was his wife, running her hands through the hair of another man. Busted! The wife admitted the affair and the couple is divorcing. All because she failed to notice, or care, that the Google car was driving by.

I'm actually guilty of being caught by the Google camera. Actually, I caught the camera driving by our house several years ago. So as it drove by capturing images of our street I let it know I knew what was going on.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Yep, that's me pointing at the Google car driving by. I'm sure they've seen and captured much worse! Check out your address and see what pops up!

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