When we suffer a tragedy as this nation did in Orlando this weekend, we want answers. Someone needs to be held responsible. Sure, the gunman was the one who pulled the trigger and claimed 50 innocent lives early Sunday morning. But why? I sat in front of my television Sunday and watched people try and tell me why. My initial feelings of sadness and loss turned to anger and numbness. Another mass shooting. What will be done this time?

First of all, there are NO quick and easy answers. Even if Congress were to pass the most substantial gun control measures in history today, many of these mass shootings would still take place. But to IGNORE the fact the crimes were committed with the use of guns is also ludicrous. I've said it after every terrible shooting spree we've covered the past several years. Gun control isn't the entire answer, but it must be part of any practical solution. To say anything less is foolish and ignorant.

The shooter in the Orlando attack is coming under scrutiny. Was he a follower of ISIS? He had sworn allegiance to its leader but so far there is no proof he was trained abroad. This was a person born in the U.S. He held a job as a security guard. But yet according to sources, he was on at least one terrorist watch list. Co-workers said that he often spoke of his hate for blacks and jews. How is it that after another horrible shooting that we're able to see so many clear signs that pointed to this person? The intelligence game isn't an easy one. There is no way you can protect every 'soft' target in the nation from a lone gunman on a mission. But there were signs. Why didn't we listen?

Finally, the shooting happened in the heat of a presidential election cycle. You're going to hear both sides of the aisle step up with their 'solutions' to the problem. I'm not going to make the argument here for one side or the other. That's not what we should be focusing on. The real sadness in this story, and in every story where people in this country die senselessly is the lack of love and compassion for our fellow human beings. This country is so divided right now. Party lines, religious lines, racial lines. And while there has always been disagreement on issues like those, it just seems like in today's society the argument has turned nasty. We take to social media and blast away without any real repercussions. We blame others without shouldering any of the blame ourselves. Days like yesterday, as horrible as they are, should act as a wake-up call.

Look at the way you live your life. Is it filled with love and acceptance? Is it filled with tolerance and understanding? Or do you feed the beast that is hate and judgment? Tough questions that each and every one of us should be asking ourselves today. As I sit here and write these words this morning, I'm saddened by how numb I am. Our country just experienced the most deadly terrorist attack since 9/11 and I can't seem to summon up the proper anger or sadness. It's because I've seen it all before. The death, the sadness, the anger, the call for action. And then.....silence. We go back to our busy lives. The dead are forgotten. It's business as usual for the greatest country in the world. THAT is the saddest part of yet another chapter in our increasingly violent history.

How will YOU make it change?