Guns, gun control, and pretty much anything relating to firearms have been one of the hottest button issues in America for decades now. As some push for tougher laws, others react with frustration. It seems everyone has an opinion one way or the other, and earlier this week we told you one Iowa county was looking 2nd Amendment sanctuary. That county, Jasper County, unanimously approved a resolution on Tuesday to do just that. Today, a second Iowa county in Iowa did the same as KWWL reports Harden County will also be a Second Amendment sanctuary after Republican supervisors in Hardin County unanimously approved a resolution today (Wednesday).

What it means to be a 2nd Amendment sanctuary

If you're not familiar, a Second Amendment sanctuary, it pretty simply means these counties are saying 'no' to any future laws hindering gun rights. Meaning if passed, the cannot be enforced in that specific county. this comes as Iowa's new Constitutional Carry gun law took effect on July 1. That law eliminated the requirement for any Iowa resident to have a permit to buy or carry a gun in public places, with some limitations.

What critics of Second Amendment sanctuaries say

The Constitutional Carry, and now the Second Amendment sanctuary debate has not gone without criticism. A US News report shows a record 353 Iowans died from gunshot wounds in 2020. Of those, 263 were suicides and 85 were ruled homicides. That was a 23% increase from the State's previous high of 287 from one year earlier, 2019. Other critics argue becoming a "Second Amendment sanctuary" is meaningless. The US News story also featured quotes from those at the public hearing in Hardin County, where one woman openly opposed the resolution saying,

Do any of you supervisors actually believe there will be legislation to take everybody’s guns? It's ludicrous.

These Iowa counties are not alone. There are an estimated 1,200 local governments have declared themselves sanctuaries insulated from state and federal gun laws since 2018.

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