Right now we're looking at another day of cold temperatures and snow. The Iowa Hawkeye football team will practice today in Orlando wearing shorts and sweating in mid 80-degree temps. Those are the spoils of playing a bowl game in Orlando during late December. Iowa is set to take on Kentucky in the Citrus Bowl on New Year's Day. Iowa against an SEC opponent in Orlando. This has a familiar ring to it.

It should. The last time Iowa played a bowl game in Orlando it was this very bowl game. Although back in 2005, it was called the Capital One Bowl. And the SEC team Iowa had to face was the Nick Saban-led LSU Tigers. Yes, remember when Nick Saban wasn't with Alabama? The game was a classic. The fourth quarter alone saw numerous lead changes. It also saw one of the greatest plays in the history of Iowa football. It's now known simply as 'The Catch'. 

Tate to Holloway. Touchdown. Game over. Iowa beats LSU. Ferentz tops Saban. Cue up 'In Heaven, there is no Beer'. How can you still not get chills to this day watching that play? Drew Tate and Warren Holloway secured their places in Hawkeye history that day. They also guaranteed that they'd never have to buy a beer in the state of Iowa ever again!

I remember that play like it happened yesterday, not 16 years ago. We were at a bowl party at my friend Paul's house. We both had young boys around 1-year old at the time. I remember holding Chase in my arms what Tate let that ball go. I then remember running around Paul's house screaming and trying not to scare my son, as Holloway ran in for the winning score. I don't think I was successful.

What a memory. Do you remember where you were during 'The Catch'?

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