One of my favorite classes when I was in college was photography. I took several creative classes in the subject, and even managed to meet my future wife in the dark room. Go ahead...insert your joke here. So when my daughter Carly was deciding on what classes to take this week at College for Kids at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, I was excited when she choose Digital Design. I found out yesterday, that that class in centering on the digital editing of photo's.

Carly informed me that her homework was to go out and take pictures. She wanted some great pictures of nature. I assured her that Iowa was full of nature and I'd pick a great spot. We settled on Pinicon Ridge State Park near Central City. I've taken the kids fishing there a number of times and it's a short drive north from Marion. Armed with nothing but our smartphones, we set out to capture Iowa's natural beauty at it's finest.

Carly was really tuned in to what we were doing. I explained a little bit to her about framing a shot, and the rule of thirds in photography. After comparing pictures that each of us took, I just let her take her own photos. This was her project after all. The best moment of the day came after we'd walked a bit down a hiking trail and came up on a herd of deer, grazing just ahead of us. We got as close as we could and just stood there and watched them, watch us.

We got home and compared some more photos that each of us took. She thought mine looked great, but hers did too! Her eye will improve and soon she won't see rolling hills and rivers. She'll see them already framed in her mind.


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