A new study was done to find out what the top signs that you are middle-aged. They wasted their money. All they would have to do is ask me. Seriously, I check all the boxes when it comes to this particular survey. I guess that means I'm middle-aged. Beats being called 'old' I suppose.

The U.S. Sun reports that the survey, commissioned by Healthspan, found that the average person doesn't feel middle-aged until they turn 47. That is the age I'll turn later this year. But when you look at the different signs that you are middle-aged, I can confirm that many of those begin LONG before you are in your mid to late forties!

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Lets run down the middle-aged check list, shall we? Feeling stiff...check. Groaning when you bend over...affirmative. Picking comfort over style with your clothing...this is a recent development, but I can confirm it. Thinking cops, teachers, and doctors all look young...yes, that's because they all ARE compared to me! Hating loud bars...check. Needing an afternoon nap...do I even need to comment?

So while I act middle-aged sometimes, it doesn't mean I have to ALL the time. While having kids can certainly make you feel older at times, they can also help you feel young. I love staying connected to the music of today, and my daughter Carly helps me with that. Yes, that was me playing a Harry Styles song on the TouchTunes this past weekend. Watching them play sports helps me remember the days when my body could move like that.

While I admit that I am 'middle-aged' I think that I'm in a pretty good place right now. I'm young enough I can still be active with my family and friends, but I'm old enough to deploy the knowledge and experience I've gained in my 46 years. I'd call that a pretty nice spot to be. Who cares if I need my pants to have an elastic waist?


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