I can't tell you how many articles and videos I watched touting the benefits of having an iPhone versus an Android device. I've had three iPhones and I've loved them all. But I kept seeing the latest Galaxy devices by Samsung and thought that perhaps I should give them a try. I don't really think you can go wrong with either. But this weekend I jumped off team Apple and on to team Android.

My family switched cell providers this weekend. That allowed us to get some new devices. My entire family had iPhones. My son Chase and Holly both wanted to stay with Apple. I thought about staying too. Whats not to love? You can back up everything to the cloud and then transfer it all to your new device and you're ready to roll! But there was something about the new Galaxy S9 that really intrigued me. It was sleek and fully customizable. It also boasted the best camera ever to be put on a smartphone. Dual aperture people! So while we were getting our account set up and I was asked what phone I wanted to go with. I decided to jump into Android.

First of all, my new carrier was able to transfer all of the information off my old iPhone onto my new S9. Contacts, numbers, pictures. They all came over. Now I did have to download the apps I wanted but that didn't take too long. Remembering all my passwords was a bit more of a challenge. The main thing Apple likes to tout is simplicity. 10 years ago it was a major difference between Apple and Andriod. But in 2018 the Android experience is easy to navigate. Plus you have so many more options to customize the look and feel of your phone. Maybe you don't want all those options. I do.

While I've only had a couple of days to play with my new S9, I love the experience so far. I'm uncovering new options and things it can do every day. The camera is amazing, even if I don't fully understand all it's powers just yet. I certainly don't have anything bad to say about my Apple experience. Their devices never failed me. I just kept feeling like there was more out there. Turns out there is.

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